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We bought the old barn in late 2013 and spent 2014 undertaking reovations. In the past the property had been used for cedar logging, shale mining (there is still a small quarry on the land) and a garlic farm. More recently it was home to a wonderful and fun-loving older couple.

Our wish was to maintain the feel of a rural property. We drew up the renovation's plans with a young architect who lives in Australia but is originally from Peru, who has experience in houses in areas of outstanding beauty (think Amazon). Because we wanted to respect the farm's history, externally we used tin and recycled wood. We kept the interior simple and strong to avoid anything like shabby chic because a twee, faux country house would not suit the magnificient KV landscape and setting. We also brought the outside in via large glass doors that span 10 meteres between them and large windows that frame the bush.

Finally, why Moosewood? Moose is a family member's nickname, the land is full of woods and it's cute, so why not? That's just about it. No mooses :(