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As it’s Kangaroo Valley, will we see kangaroos?

Absolutely. There are a variety of roos who live in and around Moosewood. You will see them especially at twilight or it it's overcast; on a sunny day they head for the shade. After dark we take our torches and walk along the path to the front gate and spot them then too. Listen out for the sound of grass being munched.
This cute photo was taken on our front drive on an Iphone.

Where you can see a Kangaroo in Kangaroo Valley







Which other animals might we see?

Those holes under our nice new fence were all made by wombats. We have many wombats and you can easily find them, particularly when it's dark. Take a torch, walk quietly on the path to the front gate and in the little paddock to the left of the house. Remember to keep your distance as they'll run off.

There are two dams and we have seen eastern long necked turtles and yabbies. We also have a lot of different birds, including ducks and ducklings, king parrots, kookaburras, whip birds and lyre birds. When in doubt about a noise, it’s probably a lyre bird. Watch this video...

How does the water, gas and electricity work on this property?

The water is fresh rain and we have 50,000 litres of new tanks that store and filter it. Before you arrive we arrange for tanks to be topped up if necessary. We ask though that you are considerate with your water use.
The toilets are septic tanks. The electricity is mains. If by any chance it cuts out it is because a tree has fallen and taken down a line. We then all switch to romantic mode. We have a good supply of torches, candles, matches and lanterns to see you through until it is fixed. Typically this does not take long.

The gas is bottled and there are two large gas tanks at the house. If one empties, simply switch the top lever over to above the second tank. The third tank, unattached, is also full.
Again, should you need any assistance, please contact Kangaroo Valley Escapes, who are in the Valley and will happily assist you.

Is this house suitable for children?

We have had many children, from babies to teens, stay in this house and they have all reported a very good time. They play fooseball, table tennis, bash away at the piano or run around and go and explore the freedom. Some even play XBox. A few cautions: Outdoors, please note that the trampoline is an old-fashioned non-netted model. It is padded over the springs but jump at your own risk.

What else should we keep in mind re safety?

This is the Australian bush and there are snakes and beasties and so closed toe shoes are a must –  for everyone.
Indoors, while we do provide a guard for you to put around the fireplace please be vigilant with it as the fire box is cast iron and gets very hot.

We have two small dams, about 500 meters away from the house. While the house is fenced in, please be aware that gates can be accidentally left open and determined children can climb. Just keep an eye on the kids.

Do you have a travel cot?

Yes we do. We also flannelette and cotton sheet sets, because, however, you know what your baby likes best, we haven’t gone further than that with cot bedding.

Do you have a trundle bed?

Yes. A single one with its own bedding.

What bedding do you supply?

Pilllows and mattresses with protectors. Cotton sheets and doona covers. Cotton towels and hand towels in bathrooms.

What equipment is in the kitchen?

Appliances: Oven, gas hob, microwave, dual dishwasher and fridge/freezer. Small appliances: Juicer, blender, rice cooker, Nespresso, scales. Then there are many cooking and baking pots and pans and tins, good sharp knives. More crockery, cutlery, glassware and teapots than eight people need, so you don't have to keep washing up. Also plastic cups and plates in case you want to make a picnic. Various tablecloths and placemats. Tea towels and dishwashing liquid and cleaning sprays. Also salt, pepper, oil, tea bags, sugar, coffee and coffee capsules to get you started.

Which herbs are growing?

Basil, Chives, Rosemary, Mint, Parsley should all be in the herb patch, depending on what the wombats have eaten. Please use these to cook with if you wish.

Where does that path from the house lead to?

It goes, eventually, up to a shale quarry, via some beautiful trees, creeks, views some rainforest vegetation and surprises. The shale used to be used for road building and is no longer mined. Further on, cedar used to be logged. There are some areas of temperate rainforest and several creeks that flow into the Kangaroo River eventually.

Why are there horses in the field? (And three cows.)

They wander over from our neighbours’ property. Because the grass is always greener etc etc. Should you want to go for a trail ride, we thoroughly recommend it. Gail and Geoff are experts and you will have a good ride irrespective of your level of horsemanship. Their details are: www.kangaroovalleyhorseriding.com


May we pick some of your flowers to take home?

Yes, please do. You will see many plants and flowers, depending on the season. Take some with you as a reminder of Moosewood.


Where does your firewood come from?

All the firewood is from trees that have fallen or black wattle that has sprouted close to the house. These trees grow quicky then fall hapzardly so it's not ideal to have them close to the house. If we cut down a tree we plant another.


Help! The gas has run out.

We check the main gas cylinders before every visitor arrives, and leave two spare ones as well. The BBQ also has a spare full bottle. Howeve this is still possible and so our wonderful agents Kangaroo Valley Escapes are your first port of call. They are local and extremely efficient. Alternatively, you can put a new bottle of gas onto our account at Kangaroo Valley Rural Supplies (a wonderful shop with a selection of antiques, chickens and local produce). Or swap and buy at the servo and we will reimburse you.


Okay, they're fantastic but, unbelieveably, we've seen enough kangaroos. What else is there to do?

A little further afield. You can easily visit these places:

What is the pub like?

The pub food is standard pub grub. Good steak and chips and fish and chips etc. The garden is lovely and has a new petanque court and kids play equipment. It's a meeting place for locals.

Is there a good place to get more information?

Kangaroo Valley Tourist Association has a great website with up to date information on what is going on. www.kangaroovalleytourist.asn.au


And more information on Moosewood?

Moosewood and Kangaroo Valley Random moments and places

The Nostagia Factory The Nostagia Factory
The Nostagia Factory The Nostagia Factory (also has a gem of a second hand magazine, book and record shop at the back).
Kangaroo Valley Growers Market Kangaroo Valley Growers Market
Kangaroo Valley Pub Garden Kangaroo Valley Pub Garden
Kangaroo Valley Show (March) Shaun the sheep at the Kangaroo Valley Show (March)
  Checking your prizes at the Kangaroo Valley Show (March)
Magnificient produce at the Kangaroo Valley Show (March) Magnificient produce at the Kangaroo Valley Show (March)
Magnificient produce at the Kangaroo Valley Show (March) Magnificient produce at the Kangaroo Valley Show (March)
How cute is the Kangaroo Valley police station?  

The front door and little entertaining area. Complete with ever-hungry Labrador.

In the morning shade.

Kitchen, dining and nana knits of the living area.

Moosewood fun includes: TV, board games, cards, books, foosball and table tennis...

...and chess and books and Jenga. A holiday home always needs Jenga.

Games and woodburner.

The amazing sky. On a clear night you can see the Milky Way and many stars. We use the Stargaze app to identify them.

Moosewood's impressive neighbours. The Man From Kangaroo Valley offer horsemanship and trail rides on their 170 acres of private bush.
We really recommend.

One of the two dams (500m from the house). Home to turtles, frogs and ducks, amongst others.

Beautiful Beehive Point in the Morton National Park. Just turn right out of our front gate 4WD track. It often gets as crowded as this.

The historic sign raising ceremony. Designed by Mark and constructed by Max and Marcus.